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5 Places to Write

5 Places to Write that Aren’t Home

Hi everyone! I am in London today after a truly fantastic weekend away with my boyfriend. London is where my novel is set and although we’ve been here for different reasons I can’t help but ‘see’ my characters on these wonderful, old streets!

Anyway, I’m going to keep it quite brief today and in light of not being at home, my blog focuses on exactly that!

There are a lot of reasons to write at home; unlimited tea and coffee, the freedom to lounge in your PJs, all your own things on hand…but writing at home can also be a distraction, if other people are home too or if there’s housework to be done and it’s glaring right at you! So here’s my 5 places to write that are…well…somewhere else!

1.  The Library
My favourite place to write is at my local library. It’s only small as I live in a small town, but it’s quiet, has power for my laptop charger and best of all; it’s full of books! There’s nothing quite like writing surrounded by exactly what you’re trying to achieve; published stories!

2. On a Train
I have always absolutely loved train journeys and never minded if they are really long. I used to brave a four hour journey to Manchester most weekends to see friends and I think that’s when I fell in love with it. Writing on trains is great!
You have potentially hours of uninterrupted time because you can’t get off until your stop anyway. You pass by the countryside, many different towns and cities and sometimes the sea so you’re not short on inspiration! Not to mention the people watching you can do.

3. In a Park
A park in the sunshine is a beautiful place. I’m not talking a play park, but more a big, beautiful green park with trees and a lake! Being outside and breathing in the fresh air will open your imagination and typically parks are full of different people of different ages. Again, it’s a people watching haven!

4. A Bookstore
Now, this is kind of for the same reason as the library – you can be surrounded by published books and that’ll give you a huge surge of motivation. Plus if you can find a bookstore with a coffee shop then you can have it all; coffee, cake, books and your writing! What could be better?
bookstore coffee shop

5. A Hotel Room (With a view!)
This one is like being at home but without all the distractions! You can still lounge around in any old clothes, drink lots of tea and enjoy your privacy. The bonus is if you can get a hotel room with a view; imagine looking out over sparkling city lights, an endless sandy beach or rolling hills in the country side. Hotel breaks are typically very relaxing and in that state of mind you should be able to let your ideas and words flow!

Where do you like to write? I’d love to hear so please comment below!

This blog post was more of a cutesy one than a useful one I guess, but needed to keep it short as I’m away!

I’ll be travelling home today and back to a more informative blog post next week,
Until then,
Keep writing

12 thoughts on “5 Places to Write”

  1. I only write at home! I usually get too distracted if I go outside! Although I think I might try working in a my local library. Great post!

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  2. I love these ideas, me and my husband go away for the weekend a lot because he ten pin bowls in tournaments, but we’ve got a dog so we rent a cottage somewhere with nice walks and a log burner and I get under a blanket and write for hours while he’s out, it’s absolute bliss 😍 I just wish someone would deliver coffee and cake…

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  3. I love writing on the train too! I did it so much in uni, whether it was on my laptop or writing it down in my book! But, nowadays, I just write in the places whenever the inspiration hits me! It is mostly at home and I’ll just lie on the floor and get in everyone elses way! 😂
    I would love to find a library, but the one in our town got shut down and put in the recreational center with loads of screaming kids, especially at this time of year!
    Great little blog post again!

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  4. Hi M! I’ve just come across your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. It’s a rainy day blog post reading kind of day 🙂 My favourite place to write is any local cafe though like yourself I prefer to be surrounded by books too. (Lockdown has given me limited choices however). Anyway, happy writing and thanks for your tips. Nina 🙂

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