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Review: Last Seen – Lucy Clarke

When I saw that Lucy Clarke was releasing a new novel I was overjoyed. Having adored all three of her previous publicised works I was hopeful for another summer read that I could devour…and she didn’t disappoint!
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Lucy Clarke is a “novelist, traveller and fresh air enthusiast” ( who writes from a beach hut in England. Her love of adventure and the sea is apparent in all three of her previous novels and Last Seen is no exception.

When best friends Sarah and Isla give birth to baby boys weeks apart they can’t believe their luck. Not only will they bring them up in the beauty of The Sandbank, a stretch of coast on which they each own beach huts, but their boys will become the very best of friends.

Their dream life is torn to pieces when both boys go missing at sea and Sarah’s son Jacob is bought back to safety while Isla’s boy, Marley, is lost forever. With Isla in turmoil and their friendship rocked by unanswered questions things will never be the same again.

Seven years later, on the anniversary of this tragic event, Jacob goes missing and Sarah is forced to relive the horrors of that day amidst the fresh anguish of losing her own boy too. As lives intertwine and secrets are revealed it’s clear that not everything is as it seems…

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Lucy Clarke is truly an exceptional author who writes with a fierce vividness that sucks you in and leaves you feeling like you’ve lived through the story yourself. You can smell the sea air, taste the salt on your tongue and see the vibrant blue of the ocean in her descriptions.  Her character’s are complex, flawed and real leaving you reeling at revelations and gasping in shock. I found myself racing to find out the ending but desperate for the story not to end.

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If you’re looking for a can’t-put-down novel for the summer than pick up Last Seen and let Lucy Clarke transport you to the seaside. With twists and turns at every corner and a fast-paced, exciting plot you’ll truly be missing out if you put this one to the side!

All buying links can be found by clicking here.


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