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Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan

I had been very excited for the release of Tracy Buchanan’s new novel. I enjoyed her first two novels but absolutely devoured her third one, ‘No Turning Back’, which I simply couldn’t put down. So, when she announced ‘Her Last Breath’ I just knew I’d buy it as soon as it was released.

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Author Tracy Buchanan “loves exploring brooding forests, windswept beaches and cosmopolitan cities” ( and this love of exploring is present in her writing.

‘Her Last Breath’ is an emotional story with complex characters that will keep you guessing. When a young girl goes missing, Food Writer Estelle Forster is forced to question a decision she made many years ago. When a photo of missing Poppy O’Farrell finds it’s way into Estelle’s home with a terrifying note she is forced out of her perfect life and back to a town she had tried so hard to leave behind.

In this coastal town, Estelle must confront many people from her past and the devastating truths of the secrets she’d kept buried for so long. With strange photos and threatening notes finding their way to her no matter which way she turns, she begins to understand that she cannot trust anyone…and that she must find Poppy before it’s too late…


I enjoyed the story, though perhaps not as much as her previous novels. I didn’t feel it gave me the same ‘race to find out what happened’ effect that ‘No Turning Back’ had given me.

That being said, if you’re looking for a holiday read then this isn’t a bad choice.
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3 thoughts on “Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan”

  1. I enjoyed your review. Hope you choose to incorporate more of them into your blog.
    I always enjoy knowing what others like to read. It’s a bit of insight to who they are. ☺

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