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Review: After I’ve Gone – Linda Green

Last year I read Linda Green’s “While My Eyes Were Closed” and really enjoyed it, rating it 4/5. I was eager to read After I’ve Gone as soon as I came across it and it has to be said, this is a 5/5 read from start to finish.

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Linda Green was born in London and dreamt of writing and being published from a young age. Despite over one hundred rejections Linda pursued her dream and is now a Best Selling Author. Her latest novel After I’ve Gone is, without a doubt, a must-read for fans of fast paced thrillers.

Jess Mount, a fiery 22 year old who adores Harry Potter, gets the shock of her life when she logs into Facebook to find a RIP message from her best friend, Sadie. Alive and confused Jess confronts her friend who is as confused as she is. It’s then she notices that the post is dated 18 months in the future. As the messages of remembrance and respect continue Jess is certain; she doesn’t have long left to live.

When she meets Lee he quickly becomes the perfect boyfriend and Jess is whipped into the flurry of a new, exciting life that she could never have imagined. With the ongoing Facebook posts showing her glimpses of a future she craves, Jess wonders how the happiness of her for-told marriage and baby boy can end to abruptly. As things take a dark turn, Jess comes to a devastating conclusion; to alter the future could save her life…but it would almost certainly ensure that her beautiful son will never exist.

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I powered through this book in two, tense sittings. I just couldn’t keep it out of my mind. The concept is brilliantly clever and as the story unwinds it deals with some very real issues.

I cried several times reading this book, which I’ve never experienced during a thriller before. I adored so many of the characters who were beautifully crafted and alarmingly real. You simply can’t help but feel their emotions while you follow their journeys. I had a huge fondness for Jess, probably due to our mutual love of Harry Potter.

This is the kind of book you’ll beg all your friends to read so that you have someone to discuss it with.

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Pick up a copy as soon as you can! Buying links can be found here.

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