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8 Things Only Writer’s Do…

Morning everyone!

I usually type up my blog posts on a Sunday morning and use something I’ve done/learnt/thought that week as the inspiration.

As it happens, I am writing this to you from the past, because RIGHT NOW (as you’re reading this) I have some friends down to stay who I’ve not seen in ages, and I guess it’d be rude to stow away with my laptop for a while!

As such, I’ve decided to do something a bit different today, and a little bit of fun.
Here’s my ‘8 Things Only Writer’s Do’ ;

1. Narrate in their Mind…All the Time!!!
It doesn’t matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, you somehow always catch yourself narrating your surroundings. A simple walk down the street has you creating scenarios, imagining characters and building stories.
2. Fill their Phones with Notes
As a writer your phone is filled with notes, from full paragraphs, to that perfect sentence or a character name. We all know to carry a notebook around with us at all times, but sometimes inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient of times, so a quick tap into the phone has to do!

3. Own an Excessive Number of Notebooks
As a writer, you’re a sucker for a pretty notebook! And doesn’t every character deserve a notebook of their own? And what if you have another idea, for a new story? It doesn’t matter what the reason, or the excuse, if you’re a writer chances are you have drawers/boxes absolutely full of notebooks…some used, others untouched!

4. Own a Baby Name Book…While not Pregnant
I’ve had many friends and, when I was younger, very concerned parents who’ve questioned why I own so many baby name books. As a writer, these are brilliant! Books full of names and their meanings…amazing!

5. Practice Author Interviews
Can you honestly say you’ve never been driving your car, sat in front of your mirror or sitting on the toilet while imaging all the things you’ll say in your author interviews? I know I have, and I always find it a bit of harmless fun. It’s good to be optimistic right?!

6. Panic about their Browsing History
I’m sure lots of people panic about their browsing history, and they probably have a reason to. Writer’s however, often have to innocently search not so innocent looking questions. Do you ever wonder what someone would think if they saw it? “I’m writing a novel, IΒ promise!

7. Fully Observe EVERYTHING
Writer’s don’t just look around, listen to conversations, people watch…they fully observe everything, making mental (and sometimes actual) notes about what’s going on around them. It’s the same with emotions. Feeling happy? How could you write it? Feeling sad? How could you write it? Writer’s see, feel and experience everything on a really deep level.

8. Magic
Who else makes magic quite like a writer? With every word you put down, every character you imagine, every world you create you are making real life magic!

I had fun writing this, but I will be back next week with something (hopefully) more informative and useful!

What else do writer’s do best? Comment your thoughts below!

Keep writing,

15 thoughts on “8 Things Only Writer’s Do…”

  1. Stop mid-conversation to write down a quote or piece of dialogue. I do it all the time, especially around funny people so I don’t forget what they said and can later use it in a story. Once I wrote a short story using the exact dialogue from some I listened to – was great!

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  2. I love it! I do all of these things, except own lots of note books (I tend to write everything down electronically and use scrap paper if I need to hand write). I’ve been known to use my phone while out with friends to record strange and wonderful things that even they’ve witnessed. I’m sitting waiting for my number to be called in a large waiting room of a government department, and you betcha – my internal narrative is going into overdrive 🀣

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  3. Love this! And I can add a couple more. 9. Read obituaries (for names) 10. have a million story ideas stashed and 11. obsess over words and their connotations. I’ll bet your writer/followers can up with lots more. #thingsonlywritersdo

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  4. Its good to know that I’m not the only one who practices what I would say in an author interview πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And I never actually thought about having a baby name book! Thats a great ideaπŸ˜€

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