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Finding Inspiration in Christmas

Morning writer’s and a very happy Christmas Eve to you!
I am so excited for Christmas, and so of course I’ve chosen a festive theme for today’s post.

I have a few blog in my ‘Finding Inspiration’ series, including finding inspiration in music, travel and films. 

So, today, please enjoy some tips on Finding Inspiration in Christmas. It may be a difficult time to get any actual writing done. I for one have been visiting family and allowing myself the pleasure of sitting back with a Christmas film and hot chocolate! So, allow yourself to relax. Let life get in the way of writing. But keep your creative eye out for inspiration.

1. An Unexpected Gift
Think of The Philosopher’s Stone and the moment Harry receives the mystical Invisibility Cloak with no hint of who it could be from. This air of mystery can work in so many ways. When you open a gift, imagine what would go through your mind if it hadn’t been signed from anyone. Who would you assume gave it? And how would you react if everyone you knew denied it? You can also think up what sort of gifts could cause a real uproar at Christmas. A piece of evidence of a committed crime? A personal item that was lost many years ago? Play around with these ideas during the festive season. It’s great fun and could lead to a brilliant story!
Picture source: Pottermore

2. Family Fights and Feuds 
Christmas is a time for family. I am lucky to have a very wonderful, loving family however in some cases Christmas often sets the scene for family fights and arguments. Soap operas make the most of this every year and often with explosive results. Turn some family tension into the premise for a story. All you need is some real life tension, an overactive imagination, some exaggeration and a pen and paper!

3. Nostalgia and Memories 
Another reason so many of us continue to love Christmas throughout our lives is the memories and nostalgia that it brings. I mean, there’s a reason we watch the same films year after year and follow little traditions. Nostalgia and memories can be a great premise in novel writing, and can link old stories with new.

4. Magic and Mystery
Christmas is a truly magical time of year. If these air of wonder and excitement doesn’t inspire you, then I don’t know what will! It is the perfect time of year to focus on if you’re writing for children as you can incorporate magic and fantasy for a story that really tugs and the heartstrings!

I wanted to keep today’s post quite simple, so that I can head off to enjoy the festivities!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, but most of all I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas have a truly wonderful time.

Speak soon,
Enjoy the magic,
And until then
Don’t worry about writing if you’re too busy eating mince pies!

4 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in Christmas”

  1. The funniest thing about Christmas, to me, is that for most of us, our image of Christmas is manufactured by Hollywood and greeting card companies! I’ve never really had a snowy Christmas, picture postcard sleigh rides, etc. I’m sitting right now in sunny California and while this year is cooler than many past, I’ll still likely be wearing a teeshirt later in the day. That is another way Christmas can be an inspiration – use your reality of the holidays rather than the one you’ve been fed (and loved) all these years, if you want a new take on things.

    Merriest of Christmas to you and yours.

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