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Reasons To Go Out To Write

Most writers experience procrastination. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the other things you need/want to do, which leads to putting writing to the side. However, I’ve found that a great way to stop that from happening is to go out and write instead. Here’s why;

No home distractions
Yesterday I tidied and cleaned my home, caught up on some television I’d been wanting to watch, did the laundry…and of course these things are important. But the point is, when you’re at home, you’ll always see the housework that needs doing or the TV you could be watching. Being out, in any good place to write, takes away these other options.
novel writing

It feels like a treat
Taking yourself to a cosy coffee shop and enjoying a hot drink and a slice of cake is a treat. If you look at it like that it becomes a great way to not only reward yourself for meeting writing milestones, but also gives you a reason to look forward to it. This way your less likely to talk yourself out of it, which is all to easy when you’re at home.
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Opportunities to people watch
Going out gives you the chance to people watch, which is valuable for all writers. You can observe the way people move, walk and interact. You can take in the way people dress or who they hang around with. All of this gives you inspiration to help you build realistic characters with genuine traits.
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Uninterrupted time
When you’re writing in a library or a coffee shop or a hotel you have uninterrupted time. Not just because of a lack of homely distractions, but because you can plug in your headphones, block out any noise and be on your own, there’s nothing else to take up your time.
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No WiFi
Let’s not pretend that internet access doesn’t make it all too easy to become distracted. Choose a coffee shop or a hotel with no WiFi, or simply don’t log on to it. If you come across anything in your writing that you need to research just make a little note and come back to it later. But make the most of minimal distractions while you can and get those words down!
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Do you ever go out to write? Does it work for you? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Until then,
Keep writing,

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43 thoughts on “Reasons To Go Out To Write”

      1. We’re pretty good at not chatting too much, but having to hear meetings and phone conversations that have nothing to do with my work gets distracting. Always seems to happen when I’m trying to concentrate on writing an important scene 🀣.


      1. Writing evolved from a procrastination tool to a loved hobby a few months after I started. In the times I reserve half a day for writing, I go for a method that gives the ‘distractions’ some kind of order: I take a break after a page/scene (when writing) or chapter (when editing) during which I take care of the possible distractions: go to the toilet, refill my mug, take a bit of a chocolate, check the news and Goodreads discussions (which is the closest thing to social networks I use), adjust the playlist, whichever of it I need/want to do. Then I go back to it until the next break.

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  1. I love writing in cafes for the same reasons that you mentioned here. It’s nice to be away from distractions and it definitely feels like a treat πŸ™‚ Are you participating in Camp Nano by the way?!

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  2. Hi M.L. I’ve been doing this for years. I completed most of my first middle-grade novel at Panera and Starbucks. I also like writing at Barnes & Nobles. When I need complete quiet, I go to the library. I found one with a glass study room that overlooks a park. It gets full sun which is essential to me. I also write at home but the distractions loom (fridge, cat, laundry, photos, dishes). Having a consistent place to go that I associate with a specific project really gets my mind in the right place. I’ve written about this in my blog.

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  3. Here from Tom Burton’s shout-out.
    Do I like going out to write? Sometimes. The only place that really works for me, though is nature. I find cafes to be too distracting. The music, the laughing people, the crying baby, etc. Nature works for all the reasons you’ve described but people watching. I like to do that every day, outside of writing.

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