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Ways To Get Your Writing Into The World

Whether you write novels, short stories, non-fiction or poetry, your goal could be publication. If it is, you’ll experience the long journey of seeking an agent and securing a publishing deal. There are some great ways to get your writing out there in the mean time and, if successful, could provide you with some accreditation to pop in your query letters. Take a peek at the examples below:

Publish some work online
It’s tough to find the courage, but sharing your work online is a great way to get used to receiving feedback and showing your work to the world. Avoid sharing work you’re trying to get published traditionally. But even if you are seeking a traditional route, you can still share other work online. Snippets of novels, short stories or poems can be published onto a blog, social media account or website in order to showcase your work. As well as being a rewarding process, it could end up getting you noticed by acting as an online portfolio.
novel writing

Submit to magazines/online publications
There are magazines, newspapers and online publications seeking contribution from writers. Depending on what you write, do some research into publications that seek the kind of work you’ve got or enjoy writing. Although some places offer payment, be prepared to offer your work for no fee. Remember, if you’re successful the publication is a great confirmation of your skills as a writer. It’ll help build your confidence, but is also an experience you can put on your writer’s CV to share with potential agents/publishers.
novel writing (1)

Enter competitions
Competitions are another way to seek validation of your work, to help your query letters stand out. Even becoming a finalist in a writing competition proves your work was noticed and stood out amongst a sea of entries. Prizes in writing competitions range from mentoring/editorial advice to publication/prize money. It’s a great way to get noticed and something you can really shout about as an unpublished writer trying to get out there!
novel writing (2)

I’m hoping to enter some competitions and submit to some publications myself soon. Has anybody else tried this? What experiences do you have? Share your stories in the comments below.

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Keep writing,

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18 thoughts on “Ways To Get Your Writing Into The World”

  1. I’ve entered a few contests with my poetry but never my flash fiction or short stories–still too afraid of criticism from judges. However, I do post stories on my blog and have found that over time my fears of criticism has waned. This year I plan to submit to a few writing contests and see what happens. Thanks for posting, it got me thinking about getting my work out there for the world to read.

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    1. Well done for submitting your poetry, it’s not at all easy! Good luck with everything else going forward. Remember, there will be praise amongst the feedback too, which will boost your confidence ❤

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  2. I’m not a big fan of contests. I seen to many where the math just doesn’t add up, where it’s just a money making scheme for the promoters. There are so many magazines, ezines, anthologies, and other publications out there that don’t charge for submissions–truly more than you could ever find–that there’s no need to pay for someone to read your work. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

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    1. Oh, I agree, I’m dubious about contents you have to pay for. By places like Writers & Artists do comps throughout the year that are free to enter, so always worth a shot as you have nothing to lose x


  3. I’ve entered a few contests. I didn’t get anywhere with them, but it helped eliminate my fear of putting my stuff out there. Great tips as usual, Meelie. Good luck with your future contests 😊.

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  4. good luck with putting your work out into the world. as you say, it’s great to get feedback. i’m part of a weekly critique group. i find it essential. i work to that weekly deadline. criticism of our work is hard to take, no matter how experienced we are as writers. great post with useful tips.

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  5. JM Williams nailed it. Find places that do not charge. Contests are great but the moment I find one that requires a reading fee I pass. Never/Ever pay someone to read your work.

    Good stuff here. Thank you.

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