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5 Songs for Writers

Music can provide a great source of inspiration for writers. But some songs simply resonate with writers, the words speaking right to their soul.

I’m still away at the moment, so for time reasons I’m keeping this blog post nice and simple, and a little fun! It’s a little different to what I usually post, but I thought I’d share 5 songs I love, and always make me think of writing and the journey that comes with it.

1. Things That Stop You Dreaming – Passenger
I actually wrote a whole post inspired by this song once. Things That Stop You Dreaming is a fantastic song to help you put your dreams into perspective and encourage you to work for the things you really want. Not only that, but it’s beautiful.
Copy of novel writing

2. High Hopes – Panic! at the Disco
This song is all about making an impact, building a legacy, and hoping for the best no matter what. It’s extravagant, upbeat and really makes you feel invincible.
Copy of novel writing (1)

3. Poet – Bastille
Like the others, this song isn’t directly about novel writing. However it does highlight the way words can immortalise a moment or a person or a memory. It’s different, emotional and romantic, and truly expresses the importance of words.
Copy of novel writing (2)

4. Rewrite – Paul Simon
Rewrites…they’re not easy. Give this song a listen to remind yourself that you’re not alone. When you’re having one of those screwing up the pages/deleting paragraphs moments, it can be helpful to realise it happens to us all. Another fun, yet beautiful song.
Copy of novel writing (3)

5. Don’t Worry – Frank Turner
This one is completely not about writing at all. But as writers we often found ourselves consumed in worries and doubts. This song is a comforting reminder to stay positive and keep going, always.
Copy of novel writing (4)

What songs keep you motivated as a writer? I love music, so I’d love to check out your suggestions. Drop them in the comments below.

Until then,
Keep writing,

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13 thoughts on “5 Songs for Writers”

  1. There were times when I listened to music while writing but I found out I filter it out anyway when I really get into it. Back then, I’ve often used folk songs when writing backstory and fast metal songs when writing combat scenes.


  2. If I ever listen to music when writing, it’s an instrumental. Lyrics would distract me too much 😅. I do love your list here, especially Rewrite. It’s the story of my life right now. Great post, Meelie!

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  3. I don’t listen to music while I write. I’m the sort that needs silence. But I do get inspired by random songs. Music helps during the initial daydreaming part of the process. Usually a song will give me a scene of a story and I will work out the rest of the narrative from there. Got my first glimpse of a complex vampire story I’ve yet to document from Breaking Benjamin’s “Evil Angel” ( and the end of a cyberpunk mil-SF story from Eiffle 65’s “The Edge” ( As you can see, I have a very wide musical taste. But when it comes to songs that help to keep me going with this writing thing, you can’t beat “Eye of the Tiger.”

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  4. What a fun nd inventive post. I love it!
    And Panic at the disco sing is one of my motivational songs too.
    I also love Titanium by Sia, because it helps me believe I can accomplish anything despite the obstacles. 💙💙

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