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Places All Writers Should Keep a Notebook

Notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. How many have we filled? And how many have we bought and not used yet?!

As writers, notebooks are so important. They’re great for jotting down observations and inspirations, for keeping ideas safe until you’re ready to grow them, for moving your novel forward. As I writer, I’m obsessed with notebooks and never leave the house without one. As I’m away at the moment, I thought I’d keep the post simple and a bit of fun, discussing the places all writers should keep a notebook!

In your day bag
Whether you’re a student, you work full time or you’re a parent…chances are you have your go-to day bag. The bag of all things important, like your wallet, keys, mobile phone, spare nappies for the baby! This bag also needs a notebook. You’ve no idea when inspiration may strike, or you observe something you’d like to remember. This way you can whip out your notebook and a pen, and scribble some ideas down in the moment. Sure, the notes will probably be rushed and messy, and the ink will smudge, but that’s the beauty of it! Your original, raw ideas, will be there for you to look back on.
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In a handbag/pocket
For smaller outings, when you need less stuff, you may only use a handbag or even just a pocket. Phone, wallet, keys – check! right? But a small pocket-sized notebook and pen won’t take up much extra space, and is handy for those sparks of inspiration.
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At your desk
This may seem obvious. Of course your desk has notebooks. You’re a writer! But for me, this is where I also hoard spare notebooks, all blank and empty and ready for new projects. It can be hard, when you’re inspired, to remain loyal to your current project, but you can still write down new ideas guilt free. And giving them their own notebook means it’ll be easy for you to find your notes when you are ready to start exploring your new idea.
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Near the shower
Anybody else annoyingly inspired while showering? And so you end up washing at lightning speed, while repeating your idea in your head, until you can get out, dry, and note it down? This is why it’s handy to have a notebook close by, so your ideas don’t float away while you’re rummaging through bags or desk drawers. I mean, I would recommend not keeping it in the actual bathroom, for obvious water-drop related reasons, but one close by will do the job.
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Beside your bed
Another annoying time that the writer’s block decides to fade, and the spark comes alight…when you’re trying to sleep. And how many times have our sleepy brains told us, “you’ll remember it in the morning”, only for us to wake and realise the revelation of the previous night is gone. Keep a notebook at your bedside for these moments. Because you most likely won’t remember by morning, and this way you can roll over and scribble some notes without having to leave the comfort of your bed…perfect!
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Where else do you keep notebooks? I’m always open to any excuse to buy more, so leave your thoughts below.

Until then,
Keep writing,

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14 thoughts on “Places All Writers Should Keep a Notebook”

  1. To be honest, I have just a small one in my ‘daily bag’ and I take it on my hikes as well. Even then, any writing-related notes I ever make are copied to the file on my PC (and regularly backed up) because that assures it stays legible (hand-written hastily-scrawled notes have durability in single days at most in my case). When at home, I write those ideas directly to the file (if my PC is on) or on any random piece of paper I find if my PC is off – and re-write it to the digital file as soon as I can.

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  2. I like to keep one in my car, as well as my calendar which has a section for notes in the weekly planner and then in the very back. I am learning that having something close by to take notes also helps with anxiety.

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  3. I have to admit I own an ungodly amount of notebooks (I think about 8?), but I mostly use two of them, the small ones, for jotting down notes. Other than that, I either make a quick note on my phone or use the voice recorder (a life-saver for quick ideas, especially when I wake up from a dream I want to remember!) to make sure I won’t forget about things. 🙂

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