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How to Find Writing Events Near You

Last week I posted about things you should do at a writing event. So this week, I thought I’d offer some advice on how to find writing events near you, should you want to attend one.

Of course, this tends to be everyone’s first option, and why not? It’s probably the quickest and easiest way. Google even has it’s ‘near me’ feature, so you can search for events, and it’ll use your location to bring up the ones closest to you. Alternatively, if you don’t have your location on show, you can just type in your town/city name to see what comes up.
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Social media
Social media is a great way for writers to connect with other writers, and also agents, publishers and writing societies. Following writing accounts allows event information to land right in front of you. It’s not just writers needing events…events need writers too. Event organisers will use social media to market their events, and being active on it will ensure you don’t miss anything.
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Agent websites
Agents often host events themselves, but also agents are often asked to speak at writing events. Often, this will be mentioned on an agency’s website or blog. This is especially a great way to find events where a specific agent you’d like to meet is attending.
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Literature festival lineups
Literature festivals are great for any writer, as you get the chance to hear talks from authors and people in the industry. But it’s not just books people talk about, it’s also the process of publishing. A vast number of agents and publishers attend writing festivals, especially the big, reputable ones. Check the lineup of any local literary festivals, to see if there’s any writing workshops or talks that you might like to attend.
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Have you ever searched for writing events near you? Was there another way you managed to find one? Share your thoughts below.

Until then,
Keep writing

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