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Things to do Post-NaNoWriMo

The first of December is upon us, and National Novel Writing Month is over for another year. If you took part, and are wondering what next?! here are a few tips for you:

Celebrate (whatever your word count!)
NaNoWriMo is not all about the word count. Despite the 50,000 word target, the real aim is to get writers committed to an idea, stop planning, and write. So whether you hit the big 50,000 or significantly less than that, be proud of yourself. It’s not easy writing a novel, and it’s not easy getting started. But you did it!
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Keep up the habit
One of the many perks of NaNo, is the creation of habit, the drive to write daily. Keep this habit up as best you can. Amazing things happen when you make writing a habit, and it’s the best way to ensure that you keep fighting through any writer’s block or writing slumps, and keep on putting down the words.
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Don’t worry if you lose momentum
There are specific daily targets for NaNo, and in December you may find you’re not meeting them as often. That’s okay. December is a busy month in it’s own right, and you may be feeling a little burnt out by this point. If the momentum slows, that’s okay. As long as you’re still moving forward, it doesn’t matter how many words you’re getting down everyday.
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Set a new deadline
Deadlines are both horrible and wonderful. But like them or love them, there’s no denying that they are a great form of motivation. With NaNo out the way, set yourself a new deadline for your next lot of words, or even finishing your first draft. Make it realistic and don’t put yourself under too much pressure.
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Don’t give up
This is often the hardest thing. But don’t give up! There are many benefits of finishing a writing project. And although it’s easy to be swept away by an exciting new idea, or buried beneath a writer’s block, you must not give up on your work in progress. You got this!
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Did you take part in National Novel Writing Month? Whether you did or not, share your tips for participants below – the best part about this community is how we’re all willing to share advice with others, and I love to read your comments. So drop your thoughts below.

Until then,
Keep writing,

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6 thoughts on “Things to do Post-NaNoWriMo”

  1. yes, yes, yes, and yes. One thing for me I always do is take a bit of a break after nano. I keep writing but don’t try to hit as high of word counts and pound out words. Usually I edit something, which is a nice break from all the drafting.

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  2. NaNo helps create a habit, but it also burns you out. What I have learned from last year is that, yes, you should take a break to relax. However, set strict deadlines for when you will finish your break and get back in the saddle. Otherwise, you might never.

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