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Lock-down tips for writers who prefer to write away from home

We are living in crazy times! And for many people in many parts of the world, that means lock-down. I’m lucky to be in the ‘key-worker’ category, which means my routine is mostly unaffected. But one thing I do miss, is going out to write. In libraries and coffee shops and train stations….

If you’re a writer who prefers to write outside of the home too, here are some lock-down tips to help.

Turn off the WiFi
Easily one of the best parts of writing outside the house is not having guaranteed WiFi. And it’s certainly easier to avoid the lure of the internet when you have to sign up for a connection, rather than being at home where it’s all ready to go. Switch off the WiFi while you settle down to write. It’ll stop those easy distractions, such as online shopping, watching YouTube videos and…essentially anything BUT writing.
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Get outside
If you have a garden, pack up your laptop, your notebooks and your pens, and head outside for a bit. One of my biggest writing distractions is housework…if I can see it, I need to do it! Going outdoors is a great way to remove yourself from homely distractions. It’s also great for the brain to be outside in the fresh air and under the sunlight!
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Re-create your dream setting
Love to write in coffee shops? You can re-create your dream setting at home! Make your favourite drink, treat yourself to a yummy snack, and get stuck in. You could even search for background sounds online to really set the atmosphere, be it the sound of crashing waves, or bird song, or bustling city life!
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Connect with other writers
The power of online means that we are never truly isolated. Connect with other writers for encouragement and motivation. Join online writing groups or look for remote workshops. In a time when in person writing events are a no-go, there are still loads of ways to get talking and get writing.
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I hope you’re all coping during these troubling times. We’re all in this together, so please share your tips with me too by commenting below.

Keep writing,

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18 thoughts on “Lock-down tips for writers who prefer to write away from home”

  1. Another tip that I use twice a year to get ‘away’ for an at-home writing retreat. I use our guest room, a room I rarely go into, as a retreat space. I bring along a hot drink, close the door, and write (literally) in a notebook, staying away from the computer entirely. I see different views from the window, sounds are different, even smells are different.

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  2. I’m better off inside; if I tried to write in my garden, I’d be weeding in no time! Your idea of recreating a public atmosphere is intriguing. There are ambient sound effects of all kinds on the internet.

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