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6 non-writing hobbies that can still inspire your writing

If you’re a writer, you probably have, amongst others, two main hobbies; writing and reading. Though, for many of you, writing is not just a hobby, but a career. A lot of us are still thriving to get there. But we all have other hobbies and interests too, and these can be just as important to our creative writing adventures. Here are just six that can inspire you:

I’ve put this one first, because it’s new for me. I started practising yoga a couple of months ago, with the sole purpose of hoping the stretches would help with my chronic pain. It was certainly not in my thoughts, that this should become a creative outlet for me. And yet, it’s become that. It is peaceful, and relaxing, and I’ve found thoughts and ideas and inspiration bursting into my mind out of the blue.
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Other Exercise
It’s not just relaxing exercises like yoga that can fire up your creative brain. All forms of exercise give you energy, which’ll get your creativity flowing. This can be especially true for walking, surrounded by the outdoors, taking in the beauty (or lack of!) in your surroundings.
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Writing is an art, but there’s many other art forms that can inspire your stories. Drawing, painting, photography, amongst many others. These all encourage you to pay attention to detail, to capture emotion and atmosphere within a still picture. In art, you bring the inanimate to life, just as with writing.
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Watching television/movies
Ever feel guilty when you spend your time watching television instead of writing? Well don’t. First things first, enjoying yourself is never a waste of time. And secondly, television and movies are full of stories. You’ll develop a knowledge for how stories are told, how they develop and they are structured. You’ll learn things you may not have previously known, and you’ll hear real life stories to inspire your work, and making sure it’s authentic and relatable.
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Listening to music
Songs tell stories, music builds atmosphere. Do you ever hear a song that could be the soundtrack to your story? That you can imagine your characters listening to? Or do you envelop yourself in instrumental numbers that make your emotions swell and your brain ignite?  Either way, listening to music can be a great cause of inspiration.
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There’s not a lot of this going on right now, but travelling is an incredible source of inspiration. You’ll discover new places, eat new foods, meet new people. But this isn’t just about vacations. You can travel in your own country, for me even the act of sitting on a train inspires my imagination. And in these tough times, being a tourist in your home town might even be enough to flare your mind.
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Do you have any hobbies that inspire your writing? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “6 non-writing hobbies that can still inspire your writing”

  1. I love to paint and draw when I’m lacking inspiration. I also quite like laying on the sofa/outside on the grass without any music or TV and just let my mind wander. It is amazing what pops into my brain when I’m not doing all that much!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Can’t agree enough with the exercise one! Even if I’m not getting out very far these days, just getting up and moving, getting the juices flowing, is a huge creative boost.

    Knitting is a favorite of mine. Once I get into the motion, it’s like mindless movement, practically meditation with yarn. So I end up with things to write AND the start of a scarf 😉

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  3. I can’t tell how many backstories and ideas for my project I got by wandering the hills – and letting my mind wander as well.

    I think documentaries (especially historical or geography) are a good source of inspiration by giving a hint how things looked in different times and places – which can be a source of inspiration for world-building.

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  4. Almost any enjoyable activity that gives you a new perspective can aid your writing. I can personally attest to the value of music and exercise as beneficial to writing. Whatever keeps you going!

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  5. I was inspired for my latest historical series when out walking in the Peak District in the UK. We stumbled across a ruined building that looked as if it had once been a rather grand house. The image stayed in the back of my brain for years, not decades, until one day it formed itself into the idea to write about it.

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  6. These pretty much sum up all my non writing hobbies XD I love too doing drawing/doodling things that have to do with whatever WIP I’m working on. It’s a fun way to get excited about a story, and dig into world building a little bit too.

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  7. Thanks for a great post, and great encouragement to exercise tomorrow! 😀 Today was baking and jam making, which I guess would go on my “hobbies” list. I seem to get my best writing ideas while doing dishes or cleaning, though those would NOT be on my list of hobbies!!! (I think it’s just the mindless repetition of them that gives me time to think.) I enjoy Art and Music- listening to and playing- but reading tends to give me the most ideas, especially non fiction (it works for me especially well since I write WWII fiction :).) There’s always another piece of history or another odd bit of information that gets me thinking, “Well, what if THIS happened?”

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  8. Gardening is good because it gets me outside, and working with plants is rewarding (most of the time). The downside is that I can’t just stop; when something needs to be done in the garden it has to be done at the right time. In the summer, with the long days, everything growing, and keeping on top of the watering, there isn’t much time or energy left for writing. But it does complement writing quite well, trust me! 😉

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