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5 Reasons To Get Involved In The Writing Community

The writing community is a vast and vibrant place. Thanks to the internet, we can connect with people all over the world, and where better for a writer than a space filled with other writers? Be it through blogging or social media, here are five reasons to get involved.

To be inspired
When I got involved in the writing community, around four years ago now, I struggled with motivation. I had fragments of a novel, two abandoned stories, and little else. As somebody who had spent most of their life wanting to write, it wasn’t much to show. But the writing community inspired me. I saw people working hard, pushing on, making breakthroughs…and it made me want to do the same. I now have two fully written, fully edited novels, and a third one on the way.
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To support other authors
Getting involved in the community allows you to follow the hits and misses of other writers. You can therefore be on hand to support and encourage people who aspire to similar goals as you do. You can share reviews, comment on a writer’s work, send encouraging quotes, re-blog, share or re-tweet their books. For me, supporting other writers brings me as much joy as being supported by them myself.
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(This lovely acknowledgement comes from author K.M. Allan, who it has been a privilege to support. Her brand new novel, second in the Blackbirch series, is out NOW and it is fab – go see!)


To find critique partners/beta readers
Finding somebody to review your work is tough. It’s like giving somebody instant access to the messy working of your brain, with all the intimate details in place. Yet it is essential to seek feedback on your work. You need honest, unbiased advice from people who are passionate about reading and writing. It’ll help you grow as a writer, and you can return the favour. Having a critique partner is not only supportive, but great fun!
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To learn more about the industry
There’s so many reasons to be on social media, especially as an unpublished writer. Online, you’ll be able to follow agents, publishers, booksellers and other writers. You’ll learn what’s working in the industry, and what isn’t. You’ll find out about competitions and opportunities and events. Not to mention all the tips you can find about writing, editing and submitting work to agents. There’s never too much you can learn about the craft, and all that comes with it.
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To make friends
Writing can be isolating, and if you don’t know anyone else who writes, you can feel alone. Online you can make friends who you can ask for writing advice, who you can relate too when you’re struggling, and who will celebrate with you while your winning. I’ve met some amazing people through community, not least authors K.M. Allan, Lorraine Ambers and L.K. Middlebrook.
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What made you join the writing community? I’d love to hear so drop a comment below.

Until then,
Keep writing,

Also, you can find me in the community on Twitter and Instagram – come say hi!

17 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Get Involved In The Writing Community”

  1. There’s a lot I’ve learned from the few people I follow (including you) – and from my beta-readers. Yet, I sometimes don’t know whether I’m really a part of the community, because of the very few contacts I’ve made so far. But I guess it’s better than nothing.
    Thanks for all the tips you offer us, anf good luck on your journey.

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    1. Hey Tomas. Maybe look at a different definition of “community”. it doesn’t’ necessarily mean that you’re getting together for coffee and sharing pix every week. It can be more of learning from a distance kind of thing. The main thing is to realize you’re not alone in this crazy endeavor that we call writing. Stay positive. Good luck.

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  2. Great post. To me the whole thing about having a writing community is to connect… Being a writer is so solitary it’s good to know you’re not alone.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes to all of this! I don’t think I’d be where I am in my writing journey if it wasn’t for the wonderful friends I’ve met in the writing community, you included, Meelie! Thank you ❤️.

    Liked by 1 person

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