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Five must-try methods for beating writer’s block

Writer’s block. We’ve all been there. Be it due to a lack of inspiration, motivation or too much procrastination. It slows us down, makes us feel guilty, and halts our progress. Luckily, there’s a number of ways to beat it. Take a look…

After writing, reading is what we do best. Not only is it enjoyable, but it’s also a great method for banishing writer’s block. You’ll subconsciously take in the structure of the story, the things you like and the things you don’t. This combined with holding a published novel in your hands is often enough encouragement to get you back to your own story.
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Enjoy another hobby
Whether you write for work or fun (or both!), you likely have other hobbies you enjoy too. In fact, many non-writing hobbies can inspire your work. Perhaps it’s because a part of our minds are always focused on our stories. Either way, when you’re focusing on something else, you often resolve the writing problems that stopped you in the first place.
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Use writing prompts
Writing prompts are a fun way of getting back into the writing mood. Taking a phrase, a concept or an image, you can take it and spin whatever story it inspires. This will hone your writing skills, ensure you’re still practising the craft, and often fire up your writing brain enough to get back to your novel.
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Try freewriting
I first learned about freewriting in uni. Essentially, you take a prompt (as above) and you just…write. In freewriting, you aren’t trying to make sense or build a narrative. Rather, you are letting loose a stream of consciousness, no matter how random or weird they become. The act of writing without any need for serious concentration is freeing, and is another great way to kick start your writing brain.
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When all else fails, relax. You can’t always find the words. You don’t need to feel guilty or under pressure. Take some time for you. Watch TV, see friends, take a nap. Whatever you want. You’re entitled to a break, and a rejuvenated mind is better than a tired one!
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What do you do when writer’s block crawls in? Share your thoughts below!

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14 thoughts on “Five must-try methods for beating writer’s block”

  1. Michelle, all good. I have pads and pens in drawers near where I sit, so I can write down an idea when it comes up from the news or a show. I do not want to sit at the computer with nada, if I can avoid it. Keith

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