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4 beautiful movies about writers

It’s been a long and strange week, and so rather than finding the brain power for today’s post, I thought I’d share my 4 favourite, beautiful movies about writers. There’s something about these that are a real comfort to watch, and full of emotion too. Have you seen them?

Finding Neverland
This stunning film follows J.M. Barrie as he finds the inspiration to write Peter Pan. With beautiful visuals, this movie shows the way the author’s mind works, the way his imagination conjures up mystical moments in the everyday. A fantastic film about a truly inspirational writer.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
Based on the book of the same title, this film set on the island of Guernsey, is all about a love of books, of words, and of helping others. 5 years after the occupation of the island by Nazi Germans, author Juliet Ashton visits a group of people who read and loved her book during their illegal rendezvous. The setting is gorgeous, and the story one that’s full of bravery, hope, and curiosity.

Little Women
Little Women is a literary classic, and the 2019 film portrays the March sisters and their lives wonderfully. Jo March has a passion for writing from the start, and this carries her passions throughout the story. Fiery, strong, and determined not to be defined by a man, marriage, or conventions, she is an idol for us all.

The Book Thief
I adored the book, and the movie is brilliant too. Set during the second world war, the story follows Liesel Meminger, who learns to read and discovers the joy of words. As the war progresses, Liesel uses her new love of words to tell stories, offering comfort to others at times of great fear.

What are your favourite movies about writers? Drop some suggestions in the comments below.

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35 thoughts on “4 beautiful movies about writers”

  1. Michelle, oh “The Book Thief” was marvelous and powerful. I love the narration which accents it. Another good one that did not get much fanfare is “Tolkien,” about how he developed his characters and story over time, largely based on his friendship with his core group from school and the horrors of WWI. Keith

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      1. Michelle, I just thought of another good one about Charles Dickens called “The man who invented Christmas.” The characters tease Dickens when he gets writers block. Christoper Plummer plays Scrooge. Keith

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  2. All great movies. I also enjoyed the story of A.A. Milne, called Goodbye Christopher Robin and the movie about Beatrix Potter called, Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger, was very good too.

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  3. Good-by Christopher Robin is a favorite of mine. I missed the Book Thief and Finding Neverland, but I’m sure I can ‘find’ them both on Netflix.


  4. Barton Fink (1991), one of the Coen brothers early movies, is an interesting look at the life of a New York playwright who comes out to 1941 Hollywood to write a screenplay. The character is loosely based on Clifford Odets.
    Other fine and varied movies about writers are Some Came Running, The Shining, and my personal favorite, The Third Man.

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      1. You’re welcome! Another one I just thought of is Funny Farm (1988). Chevy Chase is a sportswriter who moves out to the country with his wife (the equally telented Madolyn Smith) to write his novel, then things go awry. It was panned by the critics when it first came out, probably because it wasn’t a typical Chevy Chase comedy, but it’s actually a good movie, a comedy with a serious side.

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  5. I like all the suggestions here and have enjoyed most of them (though I have never seen “Finding Neverland”) and enjoy films based on books about writing but think that I come at this from a darker place than some of your readers. “Barton Fink” is the first film that jumps to mind, dark and grainy rather than beautiful but rather thought provoking. “The Dark Half”, where the writer is stalked by his pseudonym. “Capote” for obviouss literary reasons as well as excellent acting, and “In the mouth of madness” because the darker it is the better and this is DARK..

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