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5 books that made me want to write thrillers

It took years of writing various stories, in various genres, before I found my most enjoyable type of story to write – thrillers! That’s not to say it’s the only genre I’ll ever write – in fact, my work in progress isn’t. But it’s where all my future ideas lie, and I’ve written three so far. I thought it’d be a nice nod to some inspiring authors to share 5 books that made me want to write thrillers/made me want to keep writing thrillers. So here they are;

A Single Breath – Lucy Clarke
I’m a huge fan of Lucy Clarke, all her books are 5 star reads for me. This book really gripped me and pulled me into its mystery, lies, and beautiful setting. It showed me, as her other books do, that sense of place is important in thrillers, and you can have a beautiful location with dreadful secrets going on behind it.

No Turning Back – Tracy Buchanan
This story puts the main character, and the reader, in an impossible situation. You’d kill to save your child, right? But the reality of taking a life is far darker, despite your reasons. In this book, you won’t know who to trust, and I found that so exciting to read.

After I’ve Gone – Linda Green
The thrillers I read are usually realistic, set in our contemporary world, and thrilling because you think that could’ve been me! This books suspends belief with magical realism, creating a truly unique story, that really inspired me. It’s refreshing to see an author push boundaries and break rules!

Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell
I read this book in one sitting, which can only ever be a good thing! It features a missing teenager, a mysterious new relationship, and characters that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading. A master-class in suspense, twists, and surprises, without being over the top, which so many thrillers risk nowadays.

I Know You – Annabel Kantaria
I loved this book because it highlighted a real modern day problem; privacy. Not only a fantastic thriller, I loved the real meaning behind it, the sense of how you need to be careful with how much you post online, and how easy it is for people to think they know who you are.

What books inspired you to write in your preferred genre? I’d really love to hear, so comment below.

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8 thoughts on “5 books that made me want to write thrillers”

  1. I can’t remember the particular books that clicked with me, but the authors Harlan Ellison and Haruki Murakami fueled me to want to write fantasy/science fiction. And Thomas Pynchon fueled me to want to write messy and complicated stories. I haven’t reached that yet, though.

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  2. I admit there was not particular piece (or more) for me – I just like to read the genre I write in. But it’s interesting to see what was a part of your journey 🙂

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