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Reasons to celebrate at the end of each draft

Writing, re-drafting, and editing. It’s a long cycle, but all steps involved in turning your initial idea into a fully finished story. It’s always a great feeling, finishing the first draft, and cause to celebrate. But when it comes to subsequent drafts, we tend to just move on to the next step. But really, we should celebrate finishing every draft. Here’s why:

It proves your dedication
Writing a book isn’t easy. Completing a first draft is a huge moment, but to keep going, and re-work all you’ve written takes your dedication to another level. Editing takes a long time, as you have to read and assess your work, and the time you’ve put in should be celebrated.

You are another step towards a finished book
We celebrate the first draft because it is a milestone. It’s being able to write ‘the end’ after the long slog of getting the story down. But actually, every draft you finish is a milestone, as it brings you a step closer towards a truly finished book. No-one has ever published a first draft, and your commitment to editing and re-writing takes you a step closer to a publishable work.

Editing is tough
When you edit, you have to be ruthless. You have to kill your darlings. You’ll find yourself removing scenes you loved, deleting words you worked hard to craft. You’ll spot plot holes, mistakes, and find boring scenes. It can get you down at times, and leave you doubting your work. Yet, it also sees you strengthen your work, and if you’re tough enough to edit, you sure deserve to celebrate each draft!

You deserve appreciation for your success
Writers are known for putting themselves down, striving for perfection, and doubting themselves. So every time you achieve something, you should appreciate your work and celebrate your success. Be kind to yourself. It’ll give you the push and motivation to keep going.

How do you feel when you finish a draft? To you celebrate every time? Will you in the future? Share your thoughts below.

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13 thoughts on “Reasons to celebrate at the end of each draft”

  1. A good reminder – sometimes, finishing another draft may not seem like much, if it was mostly machanical editing rather than something with a major impact on the story. I’m not the celebratory type, but I may try to mark such a milestone in some better way in the future.

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  2. For me, the reward at the end of the first draft is not having to imagine and create yet another scene. I can enjoy a few days without that “gotta keep writing” feeling. And I find rewriting less of a challenge (well, except for the spots that have to be scrapped and replaced with fresh material, that is).

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  3. Just what I needed to hear right now, Meelie. I don’t celebrate every draft, but I’m starting to think I should. It really does take so much effort and the doubt really stops you from appreciating what you’ve accomplished. Great reminder. Thank you 😊.

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  4. You make really good points. I tend to think of drafts as being not good enough and signals that more effort is ahead. I need to change that approach. Thanks for helping me gain insight into myself. Cheers


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