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Small ways to incorporate your writing into every day, even when you don’t feel like writing

When it comes to writing, forming a habit is vital. And writing a little every day is enough. But there’s no denying we all have days when we don’t feel like writing, when we can’t find our words. These days can leave you feeling guilty, or wishing you could do SOMETHING to progress your writing. Although you should be kind to yourself, and take a break if you need it, here are some small things you can do to incorporate your writing into those days.

Day dream
Writers are day dreamers, wonderers! And often you can fuel your imagination a lot more when thinking of your writing away from the pressure of a computer screen or empty page. Just allow yourself to day dream of your work, and see what comes to you.

Do some research
If your creativity is flagging, so some research instead. There will always be things you need to finetune in your work, facts to check, things to find out. Doing research might not feel like writing, but actually it’s vital progress.

Get to know your characters
Spend some time getting to know your characters. Make lists of their hobbies, or their personality traits. Answer a personality quiz from their perspective, or find images that reflect who they are and what they look like. The more you know about your characters, the more authentic they will be.

Read a book on writing
Books on writing can really inspire ideas, or give you advice on strengthening your work. If you don’t much have time you can skim read, or flick through chapters that pique your interest.

Create a mood board
Mood boards are fun to create, and are another way to strengthen your connection to your characters and your settings. They can help you with your descriptions, and encourage your motivation.

Back up your novel
Only have 5 minutes to dedicate to your writing today? Use it to backup your novel. Save it to a USB, upload it to a cloud drive, or email it yourself. You will thank yourself should anything ever happen to your laptop, and it might just be the most important 5 minutes you give your book!

How’re you guys doing with finding time for your writing? Share your journey in the comments below.

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