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The benefits of taking a break from blogging and social media – for writers.

Guess who’s back? Back again?
It’s me!

Hello, and thank you for your patience. A couple of months ago I decided to take a break from blogging and social media to focus on my mental health. I also intended to spend less time chatting about writing and more time…well…writing. And so, for my comeback post, it felt appropriate to focus on this as a subject matter. Take a look below at the benefits of taking a break from blogging and social media, particularly for writers.

More time to write
There’s no denying that while it’s fun talking about writing and connecting with other writers, it can be a huge distraction. Often, you might find you’ve spent more time talking about writing than actually getting any writing done. My break has proved to me that I was able to find more writing time, and as I ease back into my online social platforms I will be mindful of this to make sure I get the balance right.

More time for your other passions
There’s more to you than being a writer. You might also be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a student, an employee, a movie buff, a series binger, an avid reader, an adventurer. And so, stepping away from the online world gives you more time for the real world and the other things you enjoy doing.

Less pressure to make progress
When you’re online, you will inevitably witness the success of others. And while this is uplifting, inspiring, and exciting, it can leave you feeling behind. Life isn’t a competition and being on social media regularly can make you feel as though you need to post regular updates, even if you…shock, horror, haven’t done any writing at all. You don’t always need to be making progress, and so having a break from it all can give you space to breathe.

Clearer head space
It’s well known that social media can be bad for your mental health. Even if you are surrounded by positive people, it can do you good to focus on the world in front of your eyes instead. Clearer head space is great for your wellness, and will encourage you to be more productive going forward.

I’m not saying stay away. There are huge benefits to being on social media for writers, and blogging can transform your writing journey. But that’s not to say a well earned break won’t do you good from time to time. What do you think?

Share your thoughts below, and until then,
Keep writing,

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12 thoughts on “The benefits of taking a break from blogging and social media – for writers.”

  1. Enjoyed the post. I recently turned off my instagram. While the account is probably still up, I just decided to log off and not come back for now. I just got tired of the toxicity and also how it can consume so much time if you let it. Have a good week

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  2. Hmm..Less Pressure is what i’m impressed with. Thanks for sharing this which lets us pause and take note in the middle of all the running around. WP has been such a gift in so many ways and i’m glad it gets wonderful people like you connect with so many of us and inspire us. Thanks to WP and you and above all Thanks to Jesus.

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