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Affirmations for writers who feel like frauds

As writers, we are often consumed with doubt. We can be perfectionists, and it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough. In reality, the fact you feel this way shows how much you care about your craft, and that in itself is commendable. So, a simple post this week, with some affirmations for those writers who are feeling filled fraudulent right now.

You are still a writer, even if you’ve not written in a while.

You are still making progress, even if it’s slow.

Your book is still worthy, even if it’s been rejected.

You are still an author in every sense, if you choose to self publish.

You are still worthy of a following, even if you’ve not posted on social media for ages.

So, be kind to yourselves, writers. You got this.


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17 thoughts on “Affirmations for writers who feel like frauds”

  1. Good encouragement. I think this advice applies more to just writing. I think a recurring fear is we all will be discovered that we are as imperfect as the next person. The best response is just “keep a goin'” as the old poem used to tell us. Keith

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