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5 Mothers Day Reads – Fantastic Fictional Mums

It's Mothers Day in the U.K.! Which seemed like the perfect day to recommend these five amazing books, that all focus around motherhood in very different ways. I am always drawn to a great parent/child dynamic in stories, and these five stand out amongst my favourites: The Light Between Oceans - M.L. Steadman This beautiful,… Continue reading 5 Mothers Day Reads – Fantastic Fictional Mums

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Ways to Reuse your Characters

Good morning creators of worlds! I hope you've all had a great week. Mine has been typically full of non-creative pursuits, but all things that needed doing. I'm hoping to kick start September with a bit more productivity! I hope it's going to be a great month for you all too. What're your goals? I… Continue reading Ways to Reuse your Characters

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Creating Characters: Hobbies and Interests

Morning daydreamers, I hope you've all had a great week. I am still in the editing stages of novel 1 right now, but also using my down time to flesh out ideas for novel 2. I find this a more relaxing process, so it counts as down time and productivity all at once - perfect!… Continue reading Creating Characters: Hobbies and Interests

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Writers: How to Stay Motivated

Good morning writers, I hope you've had a great week. My week has been quite a drag and full of ups and downs. Good days and bad days. It got me thinking about how to stay motivated, how do you keep writing when life is busy and complicated and you are tired and stressed. It… Continue reading Writers: How to Stay Motivated


My favourite childhood books

Morning all, I am taking this week to talk not directly about writing, but about books! Of course, the books we read and love shape who we are as writers, so it's still relevant in a sense. The reason I've chosen to talk about books from my childhood is because today is my birthday! I… Continue reading My favourite childhood books

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8 Things Only Writer’s Do…

Morning everyone! I usually type up my blog posts on a Sunday morning and use something I've done/learnt/thought that week as the inspiration. As it happens, I am writing this to you from the past, because RIGHT NOW (as you're reading this) I have some friends down to stay who I've not seen in ages,… Continue reading 8 Things Only Writer’s Do…

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Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan

I had been very excited for the release of Tracy Buchanan's new novel. I enjoyed her first two novels but absolutely devoured her third one, 'No Turning Back', which I simply couldn't put down. So, when she announced 'Her Last Breath' I just knew I'd buy it as soon as it was released. Author Tracy… Continue reading Review: Her Last Breath – Tracy Buchanan

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Review: Last Seen – Lucy Clarke

When I saw that Lucy Clarke was releasing a new novel I was overjoyed. Having adored all three of her previous publicised works I was hopeful for another summer read that I could devour...and she didn't disappoint! Lucy Clarke is a "novelist, traveller and fresh air enthusiast" ( who writes from a beach hut in… Continue reading Review: Last Seen – Lucy Clarke