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5 Reasons to Write in a Library

Writing time can be sacred, and it’s not always easy to enjoy uninterrupted time. When I’m in need of dedicated writing time, I head to the nearest library. Here’s five reasons why you should too.

1. Surrounded by published novels
There’s nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by published works. Imagining your own book sat on the shelves is great motivation, and will encourage you to keep going and finish your work.
novel writing

2. Access to books for reference/research
Okay, so we all know the internet is the quickest way to research. But it can also be a huge distractions and lead you away from your writing. In the library you’ll have access to plenty of books, and you may even find it more enjoyable to get your answers this way. (And if you really need it, most libraries offer free WiFi!)
novel writing (1)

3. Books for writers
You may find a section dedicated to books for writers. This could include useful guides and tips of different aspects of writing. Libraries are also likely to have copies of the Writers and Artists Yearbook, which can help you find agents and publishers looking for stories in your genre/style.
novel writing (2)

4. It’s quiet
Writing in public can be great fun, but it can also be distracting. Libraries are quiet places, where people are encouraged to speak in hushed tones and be respectful of others.
novel writing (3)

5. There’s no distractions
I’ve spoken before about going out to write, and one of the reasons I recommend it is the lack of distraction. At home it’s so easy to convince yourself you should be doing chores, or tidying up, or cleaning the car. In a library, there’s nothing to do but read and write, and so it’s a really positive place to be.
novel writing

Do you ever write in the library? Is it something you might do going forward? Pop a comment below.

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20 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Write in a Library”

  1. I’m afraid that from a personal point of view, I have to disagree. I could not for one minute write in a library. I’m too easily distracted. I love looking (even reading sometimes) at books, all those nice covers and blurbs, not to mention content. If I start researching, that’s it, hours have gone by finding fun (and possibly useless) things to know. It’s just a slower distraction than the internet. It’s got to be a quiet room, without internet access for me I’m afraid. I suppose I’ll be leaving space for you in the library and whilst you’re there, I’ll be alone and less distracted:-)

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    1. Hey, thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts! I suppose we all have different ways that work for us. I know loads of writers who love to listen to music, whereas I prefer none. Likewise, I enjoy writing in the bustle of coffee shops, which others hate. The library is another love it or hate it. You’re right about the distractions though – all those tempting books to read, haha!
      🙂 Happy writing

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  2. It definitely sounds like a better idea that writing at a cafe (at least for me). However, I have never gone to the library to write. If not at home, I like writing in nature. It allows me to breathe, re-focus, relax and just enjoy what I’m doing. I really like libraries for the obvious reason – I like books and I like to read them. Although, I rarely read at the library. It just seems like a place where you go in, browse, read blurbs, etc., and then check a book out and leave. Weird maybe, but that is how I am.

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  3. I’d add #6 – the smell. A library has a certain smell to me. an industrious, intelligent, non-assuming bookish smell. Yes, I love to write in a library. And I’m lucky – I get to teach creative writing in a library – it’s the PERFECT place to inspire and co-create.

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  4. I love writing in my local library! Everyone else is there either to read or to write, so it’s kind of contagious. I don’t actually like reading in the library, so the books inspire rather than distract me. I usually revise/ edit there rather than writing first drafts, though. First drafts need complete solitude.

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  5. I wish we had a decent library where I live, all five points sound so appealing.
    Due to budget cuts they moved the library into the council office – now I can collect recycling bags and a book, but there’s no space for writing. Sigh!

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    1. Ohh that’s so sad 😦 My local library is very tiny and there’s threat of closure! I hope not though, and it sucks that yours was reduced like that. I wish I had the time to go to the British Library in London regularly 😉 Now there’s a great space to write! ❤

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