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5 Writing Achievements from 2019

As the year comes to an end, and a whole year of fresh opportunities arises, I am reflecting back on 2019, and the achievements I’ve made. It’s a little self indulgent, but I want this blog to represent my writing journey, so I can look back on it as the years pass. Not only that, but it’s been a year of set backs in a number of ways, and this is a great excuse to focus on the positive! So let’s go…

I spoke to an agent face to face for the first time
This was a huge deal. I have attended writing events in the past, but tend to sit quietly and listen, and then leave when it’s all over. I’m hugely shy and it doesn’t come naturally to me to speak to people who I don’t know. But this year, I took the plunge. An agent of one of my favourite authors was at an event, and afterwards I spoke with her, about reading and about writing. It was a huge step for me, and one I hope to repeat at events going forward.
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I finished writing my second novel
Done. Edited. Completed. I finished writing Vanishing Act this year, and it is now in the submission stages. I loved writing that book, and I’m proud of the outcome. It’s the quickest I’ve ever written a novel, and based on my current efforts, is likely to remain that was for some time.
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I started keeping a journal
I’ve read about the benefits of keeping a journal a lot. But I’ve just never been able to stick at it. This year though, I made a real effort to get back into this. It’s amazing how liberating it feels to jot down your inner thoughts at the end of each day. I hugely recommend it.
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I improved
Small and simple. I improved as a writer. I’m studying creative writing at university, and received plenty of very honest constructive feedback from my tutor. And as the year progressed, my assignment results got better and better, as did my feedback. It’s tough to hear criticism about your work, but so worth it if it helps you grow.
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I started writing novel three
This one is draining me a little. It’s challenging me. It’s wearing me out. But, I’m excited about it, and so proud to be working on my third novel. I’m enjoying fleshing it out. I think it’s going to be very different to the story I first anticipated it to be, but that’s part of the fun!
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Share your successes from the year below – I love getting to know you all, and I’m sure you’ve had a fantastic year in many ways. Drop a comment below to share your highs and lows.

Until then,
Keep writing,

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22 thoughts on “5 Writing Achievements from 2019”

  1. Most of my writing in 2019 was tied to finally getting betas – and as I went for swaps, I had two ways to learn and improve: both from the feedback I’ve received and from being a beta reader myself which gave me some insight from the other side. And even though I’m still afraid I’m learning way too slowly, the fact I see improvement is helping me to deal with my doubts.

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  2. Hi. I enjoyed reading your comments as they nearly mirror my own – the only difference is you’ve come to writing at an earlier age, while I left it (stupidly) till retirement.
    Like you I’ve finished my 2nd novel, which will hopefully be published next April, so I begin 2020 with hope.
    My resolutions , due to your advice is to keep a journal. I also intend to become better at blogging and to go to writing events.
    I understand your shyness and the difficulty you have ‘putting yourself forward’
    I can recommend attending open mic nights, when you read your work out to other writers. This really helps to build confidence to speak out. – and you also meet lots of interesting, like-minded people.
    Like you I have begun book 3 – so new beginnings for us both.
    Good luck and enjoy writing it.

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  3. Hi, M, and others. Congratulations on your achievements in 2019. I used to be in the habit of journaling. Your posts have encouraged me to return to that, something I found helped me sort out problems, etc. I did start a blog but, due to my health conditions, decided to write in it as I can, but not make myself sick by giving myself artificial deadlines. May we all achieve our goals, big and small, for 2020.

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  4. That’s wonderful that you’ve improved in your writing this year! Good job on finishing book 2 and starting book 3! Writing isn’t easy and it’s great that you’ve keeping it up 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful 2020!

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  5. Good work! Amazing that you finished book two and are already working on the next one – good luck with both submissions and writing, I think the best stories to write are those that surprise even the writer herself 😀 And good on you for journaling! I can’t recommend it enough so I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

    For me, this year has been the year of getting to know myself as a writer: what I like to write about, how I write, what is my ‘why’ with writing, what I wish to accomplish. Next year, I hope to be able to take my goals more seriously and work even harder to reach them. We’ll see how it goes!

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  6. I’m so happy for you that you were able to talk to an agent. It definitely seems intimidating for someone who’s not the life of a party.
    Journaling is still hit and miss for me. I start, then I forget about it, or I’m busy, or I don’t want to do it, etc. Maybe one day…

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  7. Wow! You’ve done a lot this year. Good luck with book 3. My goal for this year is also to finish my next book, which will also be novel 3, but book 7 if you could my collections and novella. Will keep submitting shorts as well, but that’s low on priority at this point, what with real work and other business. Happy New Year!

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