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Finding Inspiration in Summer

Good morning storytellers and sun seekers!
I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week.

I’ve been thinking about how long it’s been since I added to the ‘Finding Inspiration…‘ series, and what with summer in full swing this seemed like an appropriate theme.

There are loads of ways to find inspiration in summer, so I wanted to share them with you this morning.

1. The 6 week school holidays
I’m not at school myself. But in writing, the 6 week school holidays can offer a wonderful opportunity for a story. Especially if the story involves children or teenagers. With school out of the picture, you can tell a tale where each day is entirely different, allowing you to weave an intricate and exciting plot. Having school in the mix, if school life isn’t part of your story, can make for too much routine and restrictions. Whereas setting a novel in the summer break gives you, and your characters, plenty of freedom.

2. Holidays, trips and vacations
I’ve spoken before about finding inspiration in travel and finding inspiration at the beach. Summer is typically full of opportunities to visit new places and see new things. Not only does this mean you, as the writer, get to see new and inspiring places, but it is another window or opportunity for your characters. Going on holiday and meeting new people and being put in new circumstances can be a great way to ignite a plot and force your characters out of their usual boundaries.

3. Music festivals
Music festivals are very much a summer activity, and allow a unique and exciting setting for stories. Music festivals are one of the only places where a group of thousands of strangers come together, sing together, dance together, dine together and sleep in tents in a close proximity to one another. This is a great way for characters to come together, to find themselves in unusual circumstances, and to form a story that will excite and captivate readers. Imagine, for example, a murder at a music festival. All those people coming and going, plenty of people high or drunk, and the remote location meaning a lack of CCTV…that’s a mystery novel I’d love to read!

4. Warm weather happiness
The warm weather often brings with it a state of bliss and happiness. People sit out in their gardens with a glass of Pimms, or visit the pub for chips and ice cold cider. People lay out on the beach, or visit water parks. This warm weather happiness makes the perfect backdrop for a romance, but can also lead characters into a false sense of safety. Plot twists can add a dark spin into the sunny days.

Have you ever written a story set in summer? Did the season have a direct impact on the plot?

My current WIP is set in Autumn, but I can’t wait to write about summer on another project in the future.

Let me know about yours by commenting below,
Until then,
Keep writing,

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27 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration in Summer”

  1. Yes, in Quarter Acre Block my characters go from autumn in England to spring in Australia; quickly turning into a hot summer with heat they have never experienced and the children need to learn how to swim very quickly!

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  2. It’s so funny to read this, because last week I was writing something set in the springtime and having such a difficult time with it. When I changed the season to summer, it really loosened up all my descriptions and actually helped ease the plot along. Season matters! Great post!

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    1. Thanks so much! You’re so right about how seasons can matter. My story wouldn’t work in warm weather, as my characters wouldn’t make so many drastic decisions if it weren’t for needing to escape the cold and rain. Thanks for commenting!

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      1. Thank you! 🙂

        It’s positive, thought-provoking blogs like yours that make me proud to be a member of the writing community.

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  3. Because I write Dark Contemporary Fantasy I tend to write about winter and gloomy places [surely inspired by where I lived , somber New England! 🙂 ] I should challenge myself and write something summery! Great Post!

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  4. I love the festival idea, so much can happen in the space of one crazy night. My novels tend to be spring, summer because it makes a romantic backdrop. But I’ve got an bleak winter scene in mind for my current WIP.

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